Hydroseeding is a simple process.  Water, seed, fertilizer, and a protective mulch is mixed in a tank then sprayed on to the ground. Sometimes additives are added to the slurry mixture for fine-tuning results. For example, compost can be added for sites that don’t have enough organics on the prepared seedbed. Nearly any seed can be used, which can include grass or lawn seeds, wildflowers,  pasture seed, seed for athletic fields and seed for erosion control. The mulch is what gives it the green color and protects the soil from erosion as well as helps protect the seed and seal in moisture. Our hydroseeder hoses allow access to the “hard to get to” areas. 

It has a 1,500 gallon water tank which is small enough to provide small-scale applications, yet large enough for commercial projects. Our minimum load is 1/3 of an acre, or 14,520 square feet, due to the slurry mix consistency needed for application. 


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